Boutique Hotel Laurichhof showcases creative interior design suites

Hotel Laurichhof

The Laurichhof is not a classic design hotel with a uniform design concept. Rather, the hotel combines a variety of creative interior design ideas in its 27 suites.

The icon Madison

02/12/2020 // With the slogan “Find elegance beyond time”, Dornbracht now presents the fitting Madison and its story in a new light. Classical elegance outlasts every trend. You can find it in art, in architecture, and in design. This special elegance has history and heritage. It evolved from needs and ideas, from dreams and ideals.
Dornbracht Mem luxury bathroom Faucet

Dornbracht icons with custom finishes

There is a new awareness and appreciation of beautiful things that last. Sustainable, conscious luxury that puts quality first in every respect: in iconic design, in the choice of materials and finishes, in workmanship, and in manufacturing.
Chateau de Vignee Dornbracht bathroom Tara luxury marble black
Chateau de Vignee Dornbracht bathroom Tara luxury marble black

Château de Vignée

Nature meets hunting narrative in the Château de Vignée, a boutique hotel designed by WeWantMore and equipped with Dornbracht and Alape.

Don’t just renovate. Elevate with Dornbracht.

One of the defining characteristics of Dornbracht is the timeless nature of our designs. That’s why we sought inspiration from our past for our latest bathroom fixture.

Dornbracht completes global strategic repositioning

Aloys F. Dornbracht GmbH & Co. KG becomes Dornbracht AG & Co. KG. Dornbracht is paving the way for expanding its competitiveness on the global market with the financial involvement of an external entrepreneurial family and new management,.

Dream kitchens demand Dornbracht.

Design is personal – particularly in the kitchen. As one of the most used areas in your home, it needs to work for you in both form and function. This is not the place to compromise on the details. Custom solutions from X-Tra Services, ensure you never have to. Dream up your perfect kitchen and we’ll dial in the details.

Villa Stockholm

SÅ Arkitekter designed villa in Stockholm originally dates back to the Gustavian era and is fitted with Dornbracht throughout.

STA Architectural Group – The Estates at Acqualina | The Mansions at Acqualina

Understated, elegant and timeless.Recently, we caught up with Sophie Burke to discuss what shapes her approach to creating beautiful spaces for the people who live in them.