Versatile and elegant: plated gold finishes from Dornbracht

Iserlohn, 1 September 2022

Readily combinable and high in quality it is no longer possible to imagine interior design without precious metal finishes. Dornbracht’s varied selection of finishes in Gold, Durabrass and Champagne bring elegance and glamour to every bathroom. The precise forms of the fittings are the perfect setting for the gold effect.

Whether wood, seemingly organic natural stone in different textures, or simple, exposed concrete: Gold and Durabrass fittings not only harmonise with numerous colour schemes, they also suit virtually all materials. Their gleaming surfaces embody sensory aesthetics, especially in conjunction with monolithic design elements and clear lines.

Dornbracht’s Gold* and Brushed Gold*, Durabrass and Brushed Durabrass as well as Champagne and Brushed Champagne finishes demonstrate once again the manufacturer’s instinct for current trends in interior design, and for authentic, select materials. The final coating of these refinements contains 22 to 23.9 carat gold. This creates a warm, comfortable atmosphere in conjunction with the company’s series – such as CYO, Tara, Meta, MEM or Vaia – which were all created by Sieger Design. Timelessly elegant, they are at home in a wide variety of bathroom architectures. The highest quality of gold plating is used for the final coating of the special Gold finish, for example, and its exceptional radiance is captivating. Durabrass, on the other hand, proves noticeably warmer, and harmonises to become part of different style worlds. Champagne takes an understated, easy approach, its white undertone creating a subtle highlight in every bathroom.

The convincing aesthetic appeal and quality of matt and gloss precious metal finishes are the result of highly specialised processes. When developing the finishes, Dornbracht deliberately puts the emphasis on expressive impact rather than process efficiency. The method adopted by the Iserlohn-based manufacturer to produce the brushed finishes, for example, is highly elaborate. Firstly, all parts of the fitting are brushed individually and by hand in a specified direction and texture, before the finish is applied. During the subsequent refining process, the individual metal ions settle into the finest depressions left by the brush strokes. The result is a finish with an impressive depth of colour and brilliance.

Finishes of exceptional quality produced in this way have always played a significant role for Dornbracht, as an independent dimension of design. The combination of aesthetics, functionality and longevity reflects Dornbracht’s claim to develop “Leading Designs for Architecture”.

*Available through the Dornbracht x-tra service.

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