Focus on the power of water: Dornbracht launches the new rain panel Serenity Sky

Iserlohn, 15 April 2024

Weightless, powerful, refreshing: Serenity Sky from Dornbracht promises therapeutic water experiences. The new rain panel will be available with two or five flow modes from July 2024, and combines different principles in one product. Not only does this ensure complete and utter relaxation, but it also supports physical and mental wellbeing – fully in keeping with the motto “Follow Your Bliss”.

Self-care at home
For Serenity Sky, Dornbracht worked closely together with Dr Christoph Stumpe. The head of the famous Shen Men Institute in Düsseldorf and an expert on Traditional Chinese Medicine played a vital role in developing the different flow modes. The standard variant of Serenity Sky, also available as a FlowReduce version with a reduced flow rate, includes Purify Rain and Full Rain. With Full Rain, the droplets fall gently and extensively. They fully cover the body, leaving only the face free of water. Purify Rain, on the other hand, impresses with a powerful jet of water for efficient cleansing and hair washing.

The enhanced variant, Serenity Sky+, has three additional flow modes: Laminar Flow, a concentrated and powerful jet of water that covers the skin gently and evenly. It is deeply warming but can also be used for cool Kneipp affusions to boost the metabolism and strengthen the cardiovascular system. Aquapressure Flow is used specifically for localised massaging of the shoulders and neck area. The solid and forceful water jet can help to release tension, reduce stress, and alleviate headaches. Cool Mist, on the other hand, produces a spray mist of tiny droplets that refreshes and revitalises. Thus, the rain panel from Dornbracht combines in one product principles from Kneipp therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and wellbeing research.

Light, and a choice of finishes provide numerous opportunities for individualisation
Other opportunities for individualisation are available in addition to the flow modes. If Serenity Sky is chosen with a light gap, different colours can be set to match the mood. Green, for instance, aids creativity, while red proves to be energetic and stimulating. The light can be controlled via any ZigBee-compliant smart home system, or by remote control. Seven finishes – from Chrome, to Champagne (22kt Gold), to Brushed Dark Platinum – also offer numerous options to seamlessly fit into any bathroom design.

Intelligent design
Serenity Sky impresses with a compact design that can be integrated into various interior designs. The rain panel created by Sieger Design fits completely flush into the ceiling, with no obvious screw fastenings. Minimised radii and small gap widths also ensure elegance and precision. A specially curated nozzle arrangement reduces water consumption as well.

The fascinating interaction of water, light and effect produced by Serenity Sky is fully in keeping with the Dornbracht motto “Follow Your Bliss”: With its spa applications, the Iserlohn-based manufacturer invites users to integrate moments of happiness into everyday life, and substantially improve their quality of life.

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