New options for sustainable hotel construction: successful expansion of Dornbracht ReCrafted

Iserlohn, 19 March 2024

The Iserlohn-based fittings manufacturer has successfully expanded its new business model Dornbracht ReCrafted. Along with the product portfolio for at home use, numerous options are now also available for the hotel and project business. Since February 2023, the company has been reclaiming its used products, remanufacturing them at the Iserlohn factory, and then returning them back to the market. Up to 40% of CO2 is saved per remanufactured washstand fitting, compared to a new product.

The project business with major hotels is proving particularly sustainable and cost-efficient in this context. The fittings removed during the refurbishments are perfect for remanufacturing. They are well maintained and cared for, and the vast quantities that are accumulated while dismantling, make for efficient logistics. As large numbers of the same product can be renewed simultaneously, the steps in the remanufacturing process are simplified.

First projects implemented successfully
When acquiring hotel projects, Dornbracht sales are not just concerned with positioning new products, but also with returning used fittings. Stefan Gesing, CEO of Dornbracht AG & Co. KG, explains: “When ReCrafted was launched, it soon became clear that it was a highly attractive idea, not just for private use, but in particular for hotels. We save them the trouble of disposal, and at the same time, help them improve the ecological balance of their buildings.”

It has already been possible to realise the first projects in the hotel business with our partners. For example: “Hotel V” in Amsterdam made existing fittings from 91 rooms available for reconditioning. The products were carefully removed, packed in reusable felt bags, and taken to Iserlohn in large, recyclable transport boxes. After remanufacturing in the Dornbracht factory workshop, they were returned to the market once more as ReCrafted fittings.

Expanded Dornbracht ReCrafted portfolio for hotels and properties
After collecting the products for remanufacturing, Dornbracht offers the following options – when replacements are required. In addition to delivering brand new products, products from the ReCrafted portfolio are also available for specification. If the construction work is planned and progresses accordingly, it is also possible to re-install returned washstand fittings in the same property, once they have been refurbished.

“Our ‘Leading Designs for Architecture’ claim reflects our philosophy. We pave the way and create products that quite often last for generations, because their designs are timeless. With Dornbracht ReCrafted, we take this promise to an entirely new level. The focus is on preserving the value of our fittings and minimising the use of resources”, says Stefan Gesing. “The only way to achieve this is to work together with our hotel partners, who will hopefully make many of our classic fittings available to us for reconditioning”, he explains.

Interested parties who would like to return their Dornbracht products, should contact Dornbracht Project Sales, or get in touch with the company by email at Dornbracht will bear the cost of returning the products.

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