Assembly support and inspirational force all rolled into one: the new Planning Guide from Dornbracht

22/11/2022 // Dornbracht’s new Planning Guide offers inspiration and guidance to fitters for planning and implementing high-quality shower applications. The practical demonstrations it contains are designed to show that with the new and completely revised concealed product range from the fittings manufacturer, it is possible to assemble ambitious bathroom solutions quickly and precisely.

Your shower, your moment: new rain showers from Dornbracht promise a unique water experience

16/11/2022 // Architectonic, sensuous, smart. The new rain showers from Dornbracht, which were developed by Sieger Design, offers a unique shower experience designed to be fully in keeping with ones’ personal preferences. Thus, the daily shower becomes a private moment of well-being for the body and soul.

Digital support for skilled specialists: Dornbracht provides assembly instructions in video form

07/11/2022 // Dornbracht now offers fitters assembly support by video on its YouTube channel. The films, which are aimed exclusively at skilled specialists, provide digital instructions alongside moving pictures, guiding the target group through the installation process of the respective fittings, step by step.

30th birthday celebrations for Dornbracht’s Tara: Christian and Michael Sieger feature in a video about the success story of the classic fitting

04/11/2022 // “When we think about why Tara became an icon, we recognise the archetype in this product. The fitting concentrates on essence, on what is absolutely essential,” say Christian and Michael Sieger in an interview about the Dornbracht classic. In the video, the entrepreneurs describe how the Tara success story came about – and why it will also provide new impetus for visionary bathroom concepts in the future.

A spatial experience involving all senses: Vaia fittings from Dornbracht and Aqua dish basins from Alape in the C. Bechstein flagship store in Düsseldorf

02/11/2022 // Experiencing music, seeing notes, feeling sounds – high standards were demanded from the new flagship store of C. Bechstein, a premium manufacturer of upright and grand pianos, in the best inner-city location in Düsseldorf. A challenge that was boldly accepted by designer Nik Schweiger in his brilliantly visualised concept of tradition and innovation. This requirement is also met by the Dornbracht Vaia fitting created by Sieger Design and the Alape Aqua dish basin with its changing colours, that are installed in the bathrooms.

Dornbracht’s Tara has been winning over architects for 30 years, and it keeps re-inventing itself

27/10/2022 // With Tara, Dornbracht and Sieger Design have laid the foundations for a totally new bathroom culture. The minimalist, elegant design language of the fitting has had an impact in a wide variety of contexts ever since, making a significant contribution in turning the bathroom into an aesthetically appealing living space. The ability to regularly reinvent itself will also ensure that the classic Tara design will provide the impetus for visionary bathroom concepts in the future.

“Haus A” in Bonn: a playful ensemble full of contrasts – with washplace solutions from Dornbracht and Alape

13/10/2022 // It was originally supposed to be a low-rise building, but the team from the “hell und freundlich” architects office had something else in mind. A quite remarkable home has now emerged from the initial design sketches, with a captivating and playful open architecture. Dornbracht fittings created by Sieger Design, as well as Alape washbasins, can be found in the bathrooms.

Timeless design update with Dornbracht fittings: a loft conversion in Zürich

20/09/2022 // The conversion of a multi-storey loft apartment in the fashionable Zürich district of Sulzer-Escher-Wyss by Huggenbergerfries manages an ambitious balancing act between old and new, past and future. But first and foremost – and this is also thanks to Dornbracht’s timeless design strategy – the project is a role model. It shows that it is possible to combine sustainability and design standards.

An assured sense of style in diversity: Meta by Dornbracht is available in new finishes, textures and variants

05/09/2022 // Timeless yet readily combinable: Meta by Dornbracht unites clarity of essentials and the power of individual expression. The impressive versatility of the fittings’ series, which was created by Sieger Design, is now underlined by new finishes, textures and variants.