Built by Ernst Gisel: conversion of a residential house in Erlenbach near Zurich

The Swiss architect Ernst Gisel created something very special in Erlenbach near Lake Zurich: Differentiated spatial layers, expressive exposed concrete, rounded wall ends and a staircase connecting all levels characterise the ensemble of two semi-detached houses. Victoria Maria faced a correspondingly great challenge in its conversion: She managed to preserve the individual character of the house while at the same time setting new, exciting accents. An essential part of this was the redesign of the kitchen and the bathrooms, in which TARA and META by Dornbracht were used.

Brutalism with a French touch: a home conversion in Erlenbach, near Zurich, built by architect Ernst Gisel

10/01/2023 // His artistic yet timeless approach to construction projects makes Swiss architect Ernst Gisel a role model for generations of creative architects. The special nature of his work is demonstrated impressively through the home that he designed in 1988 in Erlenbach, on the banks of Lake Zürich, which was converted by Victoria Maria Interior Design in 2022. The timeless modernity and unassuming clarity of the Dornbracht fittings, Tara and Meta, underline the new style of the house.