Your shower, your moment: new rain showers from Dornbracht promise a unique water experience

Iserlohn, 16 November 2022

Architectonic, sensuous, smart. The new rain showers from Dornbracht, which were developed by Sieger Design, offers a unique shower experience designed to be fully in keeping with ones’ personal preferences. Thus, the daily shower becomes a private moment of well-being for the body and soul.

Your shower: the rain showers provide many opportunities for personalisation
There are various individualisation options: The showers are available in two versions, angular and round. Ceiling-integrated or ceiling-mounted installation is possible for both, so that they seem to float beneath or in the ceiling, with no obvious screw fastenings. They are so puristic that they can be combined with all the Dornbracht design series. Furthermore, it is guaranteed that the washstand fittings and the control elements of the shower complement each other perfectly.

This creative freedom also applies to the accompanying surface finishes. There is a wide selection to choose from, with Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Platinum, Brushed Platinum, Brushed Dark Platinum, Brushed Durabrass (23kt Gold), Matte Black, Champagne (22kt Gold), Brushed Champagne (22kt Gold) and Dark Chrome.

Your moment: a superlative water experience is guaranteed
For an unforgettable water experience, there are two different flow modes to choose from: Relaxation is ensured, as the Dornbracht raindrops falling from the shower without pressure touches the body as gently as natural rainfall. The concentrated spray flow, on the other hand, is suitable for targeted and effective cleansing and makes it easier to rinse the hair under the shower. Combining the two flow modes brings the two benefits together.

The shower experience is rounded off by different lighting configurations: The innovative concept with Smart Home connectivity creates a calming interplay of water and light. Two integrated light sources – a spotlight and ambient light – can be voice-controlled using Alexa or Philips Hue. This makes it easy to choose from a wide range of colours, from invigorating blue to cosy reds, to match ones’ mood.

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