Timeless, durable, sustainable: classic fittings by Dornbracht

Iserlohn, 3 August 2023

Designs that are ahead of their time, yet also timeless: Dornbracht classics are as charismatic as ever, even decades after their market launch. To give its fittings a long life, the company relies on aesthetics that defy fast-moving trends. This pays dividends both for consumers and for the environment.

Fittings by Dornbracht often last for generations and are fine examples of products with a particularly long life cycle. Their design plays a major role in this, maintaining a lasting attraction that outlasts short-lived trends. “Design products – contrary to popular opinion – are not very fashionable in the strict sense. What is important is that we design a fitting in such a way, that its form, composition, and quality, last for a long time. Many of our designs continue to be produced as their original form, or merely with subtle refinements, for 20 to 30 years. This enduring aesthetic appeal is the epitome of sustainability”, says Michael Sieger from Sieger Design, who is the designer responsible for many of Dornbracht’s icons.

To achieve this enduring aesthetic appeal, Dornbracht and Sieger Design rely on design principles they have defined themselves. Balanced proportions prove to be just as critical here as high level of precision. The product form is characterised by clean lines and precise radii, the workmanship of superb finishes and the highest quality of manufacturing. Other distinguishing features include a distinctive presence and independence that endow the products with personality. Tara, Meta, or MEM, for example, have not lost any of their contemporary appeal to this day. The reduced and archetypal Tara style consistently influences the design of the fitting. The minimalist Meta can always be showcased in a variety of contexts, and it also exhibits all the qualities of a classic design.

“Products with a long service life are key to a more environmentally sensitive world”, says Stefan Gesing, CEO of Dornbracht AG & Co. KG. “We therefore make it our aim to create high-quality products with the best-possible life expectancy, that combine sophisticated functionality with timeless design.”

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