Aesthetic, harmonious, smart: Washplace solutions for small bathrooms by Alape and Dornbracht

Iserlohn, 13 June 2023

The guest bathroom is the “calling card” of every home. Its design is therefore extremely important. Whether puristic, rich in colour, or with natural charm: Regardless how little room there is, it is still possible to achieve the maximum impact and make best use of the limited space. The Alape manufactory for glazed steel washstands, and fittings manufacturer Dornbracht are offering coordinated solutions for this – in the same high-quality finish, and ideal for guest bathrooms.

The washstand plays an essential role in space-saving bathroom concepts: It should be as compact as possible, combining excellent functionality and attractive design in just a small area. When choosing a fitting, however, it is essential for the projection to match the dimension of the washstand and fit aesthetically into the layout. Three equally smart and stylish washplace solutions by Alape and Dornbracht provide inspiration and showcase what a successful design can look like in the guest bathroom.

Versatile: Sondo countertop basin with wall-mounted Tara
Sondo is made from thin, three-millimetre glazed steel, and in its smallest version, looks as if it were made for rooms where space is limited. The basin is purist in design and can be skilfully showcased with different furniture and materials. The choice of finish adds a personal touch: While White underlines the purity of form, and the effective interplay of colours in Bicolor catches the eye, Metallic Dark Iron and Matte Black blend harmoniously into the interior. The washplace finally becomes the focus of attention in combination with Tara: The distinctive spout of the Dornbracht classic is also retained in the wall-mounted version and lends the bathroom a natural, understated elegance.

Exceptionally dynamic: Pedestal washstand with Meta as a freestanding fitting
The combination of a pedestal washstand and a freestanding Meta tap appears similarly style-conscious, yet totally different: With the Metallic Dark Iron finish as an alternative to the classic White, the Alape washstand is truly impressive. The glaze is a special enamel that contains real metal. The metallic sheen is highly reflective, absorbs and reflects the surfaces of the surrounding materials – subtly transforming the finish, depending on the geometry and perspective. Slender, freestanding Meta appears just as dynamic: The clean lines of the fitting are captivating, and in the Matte Black finish in particular, contrasts with the gleaming metallic pedestal washstand.

Minimalist and compact: Folio washstand with the Vaia deck-mounted fitting
The Folio series combined with a deck-mounted Vaia fitting is another example of an intelligent and attractively designed washplace solution. Folio skilfully combines washstand and furniture, material, lightness, and excellently conceived storage space. The delicate, glazed steel covering encases the washstand like a wafer-thin sheet. The smallest model, just 363mm wide and 361mm high, is specifically recommended for guest bathrooms. Available in four painted silk-matte finishes – Moonstone, Shadow earth, Fossil grey and White – or Brushed oak, the front of the cabinet body demonstrates its versatility. As a single-lever mixer with a small projection, the Vaia fitting, created by Sieger Design, is an apt choice – and predestined to combine traditional and contemporary style worlds, even in the smallest of spaces.

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