Eco-friendly, economic and efficient: Dornbracht increases the number of water-saving shower products on offer

Iserlohn, 12 April 2023

The manufacturer’s launch of FlowReduce increases the number of water-saving shower products Dornbracht has to offer. From now, large parts of the portfolio, including rain showers, overhead showers, body sprays and hand showers, as well as shower systems, will also be available with a lower flow rate. The company is taking an important step when it comes to sustainability: For example, the reduced flow version saves up to 54% of the water, compared to the regular hand shower.

Protecting the environment
Private households use mostly drinking water for personal hygiene. Around 84 litres of water are required for a shower lasting just six minutes. This is equivalent to approximately eight dishwasher cycles. Accordingly, there are great potential savings to be made. The new FlowReduce products limit consumption by around half. This gives environmentally aware consumers the opportunity to make their daily ritual sustainable. An added bonus: The low consumption also keeps energy costs down.

Advantages for hotels
In light of the increasing energy costs, hoteliers in particular will benefit from the potential savings offered by reduced flow shower products. These will also help a building meet the requirements of green building rating systems such as WELL, LEED, BREEAM and DGNB.

An impressive water experience
Even with a restricted flow rate, limited by a volume regulator, the products deliver the familiar Dornbracht shower experience. The main reason for this is that the nozzles are no smaller in diameter. The flow of water is therefore powerful, plentiful, and perfect for washing hair and for the daily routine. Water falls onto the body like natural rain, without pressure, and light as a feather. This is mainly because the droplets are 100% water, there is no added air.

FlowReduce+ for maximum water conservation
In addition to the regular and flow-reduced variants, Dornbracht also offers a third version called FlowReduce+, for some of the products. The company’s x-tra Service, a department for individually customised production, limits flow rates to the maximum. A hand shower here saves around 66% of the water, with minimal loss of comfort – compared to a regular variant.

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