Subtle splendour: gold finishes by Dornbracht

Iserlohn, 21 November 2023

Finishes shape interiors and set up rooms in many ways. Sometimes they provide harmony and balance, sometimes expressive contrasts. Sometimes they confidently take centre stage, sometimes they draw even more attention to their surroundings. Golden surfaces, for example, create a warm, comfortable atmosphere, and simultaneously add a hint of opulence to the rooms. They embody a soft and sensuous aesthetic appeal, especially in conjunction with monolithic design elements and clear geometries. They go with numerous colour concepts and virtually all materials.

Fittings manufacturer Dornbracht provides a carefully curated selection of high-quality, real gold finishes: Whether Durabrass (23kt Gold) or Champagne (22kt Gold), brushed or polished – all variants convince with their unique depth of colour and brilliance.

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