The world’s most luxurious shower experience: AquamoonATT – Delight Edition by Dornbracht*

Monaco, September 2019

Dornbracht will introduce the world’s most exclusive experience shower at the Monaco Yacht Show: The AquamoonATT – Delight Edition. Limited to 25 pieces worldwide, the special edition offers three signature treatments that combine hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and chromatherapy to create a transcendental encounter with the element of water. The product is the result of a collaboration between Dornbracht and smart lighting specialists Volatiles.

The AquamoonATT – Delight Edition enhances Dornbracht’s award-winning AquamoonATT with the addition of a large-scale light experience, invisible controls and new luxury design elements.
A glittering glass mosaic graces the primary wall of the special edition. When touched, the 6,144 brilliant glass tiles transform into a work of art painted in light. Beyond its beauty, this feature contains the intuitive control for the AquamoonATT – Delight Edition. Each mosaic tile is a touch-sensitive LED that can transform into millions of colors and patterns with the touch of a fingertip. In coordination with the water sprays, the tiles create light experiences and color harmonies for moments of pure bliss.

The special edition’s central dome is covered in platinum leaf, adding a luxurious accent and complementing the glittering tiles. The leaf is hand-applied by master craftsmen using precious metals, ensuring that each limited edition is one-of-a-kind. A champagne matte affusion pipe is also integrated into the design. This Kneipp hydrotherapy module can be used for warm and cold affusions to promote blood flow and stimulate circulation, metabolism and the nervous system. A custom ring-shaped drain by Baqua has been designed to reflect the shape of the dome, creating symmetry in the design, as well as allowing for a flat floor without any slope.

AquamoonATT is a multi-sensory water experience that creates moments of bliss with three newly-developed flow modes, signature choreographies and mood lighting. Michael Neumayr created the AquamoonATT with subtle and minimalist design to focus attention on the unique water experience. The central element is a dome set into the ceiling. A hidden light strip inside the hemisphere creates a soft light that is inspired by moonlight and evokes a sense of infinity. Looking up reveals an extraordinary effect of depth, temporarily blocking out the outside world.

The unique water experience is created by four innovative flow modes: “Aqua Circle” and “Tempest” convey the sense of natural rainfall; “Queen’s Collar” recreates an authentic waterfall experience; and “Embrace” covers your entire body in water, while leaving your head clear and dry. The four flow modes are combined with light and fragrance to create three unique choreographies.

Soothe: Full, soft drops of water rain over the body like a tropical downpour and soothe the mind. Intense blue and violet light evokes the atmosphere of a clear morning sky, combined with the sensuous fragrance of Mediterranean citrus blossom. The warmth of the water eases the body into a therapeutic, almost meditative, state. Flow modes: Tempest and Aqua Circle.

Nurture: A curtain of water droplets envelops the body, accompanied by the calming blue of the ocean and the powerful green of the rainforest. It opens and closes to the rhythm of breathing, alternately falling in a gentle, massaging cone and an intense, concentrated stream of water. The body and mind emerge strengthened and filled with a deep sense of wellbeing. Flow modes: Tempest, Aqua Circle and Queen’s Collar.

Empower: Bathed in vibrant orange and violet light, the body is stimulated by the varying strength and temperature of the water droplets. Stimulating changes in temperature activate the senses to the accompaniment of the spicy scents of mandarin and rosewood, as a clear, cold covering of water combines with a warming cascade over the neck and a refreshingly cool stream of water pours over the body. Flow modes: Tempest, Aqua Circle, Queen’s Collar and Embrace (option).

Designer Michael Neumayr on his inspiration: “We need personal safe havens, where we can experience moments of happiness. The harmonious interplay of water, mood lighting and fragrance creates this feeling of happiness, that moment of bliss when sensations such as relaxation, revitalisation and security are perceived by the senses.”

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* Attention US media: AquamoonATT – Delight Edition is not available in the United States of America.

About Dornbracht

Aloys F. Dornbracht GmbH & Co. KG, with headquarters in Iserlohn, is a globally active, family-run manufacturer of high-quality designer fittings and accessories for bathroom/spa and kitchen. The Dornbracht brand claim “Culturing Life” continues the years of discussion and debate about these environments and expands the company’s fundamental design and water expertise: technological innovation to promote connectivity and comfort, and the prevention of ill health through a focus on daily well-being, will increasingly characterise the company’s future brand orientation and product development. Dornbracht is forever designing – and cultivating – life anew. A long-running cultural commitment through the Culture Projects provides Dornbracht with an ongoing source of fresh inspiration, while advancing innovation and technology leadership in bathrooms and kitchens. The intelligent, open Smart Water system makes Dornbracht one of the first to transpose the opportunities and possibilities of digitalisation to these environments. Dornbracht is part of the Dornbracht Group that, along with Alape, brings together two premium bathroom and kitchen suppliers. Enthusiasm about innovative technologies and the highest quality of workmanship is simply part of everyday life for the more than 1,000 Group employees.

About volatiles

Founded in 2015, volatiles lighting GmbH has developed the world’s first illuminated, programmable, sensor-equipped and connected glass mosaic wall. The lighting system has won several awards and is based on patent protected LED modules with an integrated control system. The product range includes a large variety of traditional glass mosaic tiles which are capable of interpreting people and situations via sensors and interfaces. They form the basis of healthy, functional and emotional interior lighting. The company is led by founder and CEO Florian Nübling and manufacturing and R&D takes place exclusively in Germany. For further information, please visit

About baqua

In baqua minimalistic design meets technical know-how and long-standing planning competence. baqua-products consistently have a minimal design line. The focus on the essentials characterizes the entire formation process – from the design and development to manufacturing. Made for exclusive purism: baqua‘s shower channel system offers the best prerequisites for the realization of challenging architectural designs. The sustainable symbiosis of a timeless product design and a high-quality material will outlast every trend. Even more: it will make your spa a design classic of stable value.

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