Dornbracht study: Health is a source of motivation for wellness and water applications

The health megatrend is one of the most formative developments of recent times. It puts the focus on staying healthy and improving well-being and performance. Wellness and water applications are therefore becoming increasingly important. This is also apparent in a current study from the independent market research institute YouGov.

Dornbracht Study
Dornbracht Studie Infografik
Dornbracht Study

The pursuit of good health motivates individuals to include more wellness applications in their life.
The survey by YouGov shows that wellness applications such as massages, facial treatments or water applications are extremely popular among more than half those asked (64%). But amazingly enough, only 20% of those taking part already use water applications on a regular basis. Almost half (48%) of all those consulted, however, would utilise wellness applications more often if they had a positive effect on their health. So the pursuit of good health provides significant motivation when it comes to wellness applications.

Water applications are in demand for the daily routine.
The role of the bathroom as a spa and good health room becomes increasingly important in this context, as you then have opportunity to carry out your own wellness and water applications independently: 58% of those asked would happily integrate water applications such as contrast showers and arm or leg affusions into their daily routine more often – whether at home or in a spa.

Water applications are used primarily to relieve stress, revitalise and release tension.
Those taking part in the study mostly use water applications to relax and combat tiredness. 40% of those asked also use them to boost the body’s natural defences and 24% for regeneration after sport – in other words, for ensuring and securing performance and potential.

Time is a crucial factor when it comes to using water applications.
Over a third (39%) of all those asked would add health-enhancing water applications to their daily bathroom routine if they only took 5-10 minutes. So the amount of time required is crucial.

The favourite choice among those asked was using water applications at home.
The majority of all those consulted (66%) would prefer to utilise water applications in the comfort of their own homes. The prerequisite for 43% was having enough space to integrate the relevant product solutions. The ease with which the bathroom could be upgraded was also important to study participants (39%).

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