Reframing Minimalism: Meta in new design variants and collections of finishes

The essentials at a glance:

The new product: Meta in three new, refined design variants – Meta, Meta slim and Meta pure

The special feature: Three different control concepts and new, curated collections of finishes creating exciting design options in the bathroom

Finishes: The new collections of finishes “Fashion” (pale green, yellow, light pink, grey-blue), “Architectural” (matt black, light grey, dark grey) and “Urban” (Dark Platinum matt, Dark Brass matt, Dark Bronze matt) – available for the Meta slim single-lever mixer and the Meta guest WC mixer / standard finishes (polished chrome, platinum matt and matt black) – available for all variants

Product concept and design: Sieger Design / Creative direction: Mike Meiré

Available for delivery: 03/2019 (Meta and Meta pure) / 05/2019 (Meta slim)

More information:

Meta Refinement Dornbracht
Dornbracht Meta Refinement

Iserlohn, March 2019

Minimalism meets individuality: Dornbracht’s latest Meta refinement demonstrates once again the extraordinary versatility of the successful fittings series. Along with three new design variants that further refine Meta’s minimalist form, there are curated collections of finishes to encourage a wide variety of individual configurations. This is a consistent development of the basic principle of minimalism – supplemented with personality and individuality.

Clear lines and inherent shape: Meta has always embodied contemporary minimalism. The central design element of the series is the basic geometric shape of a cylinder that has been immaculately perfected – with harmonious proportions, flowing transitions and precise radii. This gives Meta a universal look that is durable, both at a functional and aesthetic level.

By concentrating on what is important, Meta achieves a modernity that transcends time, while simultaneously offering perfect conditions for designing individual bathroom interiors – and leaving room for an additional and crucial level of design: the use of colours and finishes.

“The design of Meta has undergone much evolutionary development since the first draft in the mid-nineties, but has always retained its essential qualities”, says Andreas Dornbracht, Managing Partner of Dornbracht. “And as this current reinterpretation shows, we consistently think ahead.”

The result is three new design variants with different control concepts, each further reducing the basic form of the series.

Meta: The clear and reduced lines of this version represent the basic form of the series – universal and durable, both aesthetically and functionally. The timeless Meta design has been refined once again, the spout slimmed down by an internal aerator. Classical operation with tried and tested mechanisms ensures extreme ease of use.

Meta slim: The next stage of reduction. An exceptionally slender lever and minimal gap widths shape the modern design of Meta slim. This is made possible by a special control concept, where opening and closing merely requires the lever to move. The extreme delicacy of the design allows a wide variety of finishes to be used to set an individual tone in the bathroom.

Meta pure: Progressive design meets a sustainable and resource-efficient control concept. Meta pure embodies the maximum reduction within the Meta product range and has a distinctively technoid look and feel. A special feature of Meta pure is its soft-click technology that is both water and energy efficient. The volume of water to be delivered is pre-set and always starts with cool water. The temperature can be intuitively and easily regulated with the twist controller.

Curated finishes unlock new creative freedom

The exceptional versatility of Meta is evident in its minimalist lines.
In conjunction with changing colours and materials, the three variants of the fitting can assume a quite different form – and become the focus of individual interiors that radiate modernity and personality.

Three new, curated collections of finishes supplement the standard finishes (polished chrome, platinum matt and matt black) and bring an extraordinary design variety to the bathroom. The new finishes are available for Meta slim and for the Meta guest WC mixer.

Fashion: The “Fashion” collection offers a carefully curated ensemble of individual finishes that can confidently assert themselves in contemporary interiors. Pale green represents an established environmental need, healthness and returning to nature. Pastel light pink radiates modernity along with familiarity and warmth, whereas soft grey-blue has a cool, Nordic look and feel. Vibrant yellow, on the other hand, is a striking colour reminiscent of the industrial world, charismatically representing energy and progress.

Urban: The “Urban” collection brings warmth and naturalness to modern interiors. It includes the three finishes Dark Platinum matt, Dark Bronze matt and Dark Brass matt: dark, silk matt colours setting tones that seem archaic yet contemporary. These lightly-brushed finishes have an elegant and unusual feel, which emphasises the grounding colour spectrum of the “Urban” collection.

Architectural: The “Architectural” collection of finishes speaks a universal language of timelessness. Monochrome elegance is re-defined and stylishly applied: matt black is increasingly becoming the predominant colour in bathroom design. Different shades of grey can be combined with everything. They bring balance to every interior and ensure stylish combinations. White is the colour originally associated with bathroom furnishings. But here, thanks to an elegant matt finish, it breaks with traditional habits – and symbolises perpetual modernity.

Dornbracht finishes owe their quality to a combination of technological know-how, exclusive craftsmanship, the use of top-quality raw materials and uncompromising quality control.

In the colour collections, Dornbracht ably demonstrates the highest level of surface finish expertise, using production methods that have been developed in-house and ambitious machining methods.
The special feature here is the sequence of the machining steps and the precision of the pretreatment given to the surfaces.

The result: surface finishes that stand out for their incomparable and unique depth and brilliance, as well as matt-finished surfaces with a seemingly velvety elegance.

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