Assembly support and inspirational force all rolled into one: the new Planning Guide from Dornbracht

Iserlohn, 22 November 2022

Dornbracht’s new Planning Guide offers inspiration and guidance to fitters for planning and implementing high-quality shower applications. The practical demonstrations it contains are designed to show that with the new and completely revised concealed product range from the fittings manufacturer, it is possible to assemble ambitious bathroom solutions quickly and precisely.

The Planning Guide contains eleven installation examples for different shower configurations – from a simple, concealed application with an overhead and hand shower, to scenarios with rain showers and body sprays, to complex fixtures with rain panels and several outlets. The brochure provides inspiration for planning new bathrooms and at the same time, acts as a practical planning tool, as every shower application comes complete with an installation drawing and details of the article numbers required.

The skilled specialist is also given specific information about which Dornbracht series can be used in combination with the shower applications. The service section is rounded off by general recommendations on installation height, water hardness, hot water supply and shower drain, as well as the arrangement of the wall outlet elbows.

The Planning Guide is available for fitters and planners in the new Professional area of the Dornbracht website.

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