New name, new look: Meta Square by Dornbracht impresses with its delicate design

Iserlohn, 7 March 2023

Modern minimalism at its most pure: A radical reworking of Dornbracht’s Meta.02 kitchen fitting has produced the new Meta Square. A consistent reduction in form underlines the elegance and versatility of the classic design. The series is complemented by new finishes and additional variants.

Meta Square is delicate and contemporary
“The design refinements give Meta Square an essentially more delicate and therefore contemporary appearance. We have minimised the diameter of the body of the fitting, without having to use a rosette. The additional height of the fitting, the lack of a groove in the lower part of the lever and the integrated flow reducer in the spout, make Meta Square seem sleeker and more noticeably minimalist. At the same time, the right-angled bend of the spout underlines the clarity and succinctness of the fitting, as in the previous generation. A culture of fine differences,” says Michael Sieger from Sieger Design, who is the designer responsible for the refinements.

Available in new finishes and variants
From now on, Meta Square can also be obtained in three new finishes: Champagne (22kt Gold), Brushed Champagne (22kt Gold), and Dark Chrome. While the latter lends an unobtrusive elegance to the kitchen fitting, the sensuous and warm gold colour of the first two, has a persuasive appeal. In addition to this, the classic design is now also available in a pull-down version or as a Bar Tap, for preliminary activities.

Cosmopolitan fusion in the kitchen
By interacting with various colours and materials, Meta Square consciously creates different ambiences. It is the ideal component for contemporary concepts to turn the kitchen into the focal point of the home, perfect for expressing an individual lifestyle. “Cosmopolitan fusion” architecture is one such inspiring example. It combines contrasting elements into something totally new: Eye-catching Pink and expressive Dark Green make a stylistically assured combination. An experimental liaison, it is complemented by coloured glass and ceramic accessories, as well as soft rosé textile elements.

Meta Square demonstrates versatility and variability in this world: The Matte Black fitting blends in subtly, harmonising stylishly with the identically coloured Dornbracht sinks, and the expressive terrazzo pattern of the natural stone backdrop. The exciting contrast created by the Brushed Champagne (22kt Gold) finish, on the other hand, accentuates the kitchen design with exceptional elegance.

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