Visionary spaces created by artificial intelligence: a new bathroom inspiration for Dornbracht’s iconic MEM

Iserlohn, 4 April 2023

As progressive as the fitting itself. On the occasion of its twentieth birthday, Dornbracht’s classic MEM design is being showcased in a new architecture. To develop “/imagine”, the Iserlohn-based manufacturer enlisted the support of artificial intelligence (AI) for the first time. The technology was used to create spectacular visual worlds that surpass any stereotype. They open new perspectives on the bathroom as a living space – and something totally new emerges.

The bathroom inspiration constitutes of an architectonic illusion, in which imagination knows no boundaries. It was created by Dornbracht and the Meiré und Meiré agency – together with artificial intelligence. In a collaboration between man and machine, AI-based suggestions were evaluated, modified, and returned as feedback. “The rise of AI technology allows us to create totally new architectonic spaces that in turn, offer people completely novel and radical sensory experiences”, says Mike Meiré, Brand Director at Meiré und Meiré.

“/imagine” is the result of this process: A barren, primeval landscape surrounds the space, shaped by steep cliffs and infinite vastness. In the midst of these archaic surroundings, the bathroom where MEM takes centre stage unveils itself to nature. It has an impressive, open structure, yet at the same time, creates a safe place for meditative rituals.

A striking feature is the long washstand made from light, natural stone, alongside a narrow watercourse that is reminiscent of a stream. Residing there are two MEM fittings in the Champagne (22kt Gold) finish. Their elegant golden hue blends in harmoniously, and their linear and minimalist form underlines the clarity of the futuristic interior design. There is another MEM fitting in Champagne (22kt Gold) on a small wash station in a corner niche. Seating and a generous mirror leave plenty of room for the daily care ritual. Relaxation is assured by a large bath with a reclining area, next to which a freestanding MEM bath fitting radiates calmness and balance. A special highlight is the impressive shower area, complete with a rain shower. The base plate rotates, opening up an outside view on both sides.

Seen here are both the daytime and night-time views of “/imagine”, at dawn and at dusk. The colour chart of the architecture ranges from dark red, to dusky pink and terracotta, to sand and anthracite. It is based on the cross-section of an agate, a fossil rock, which underlines the naturalness and originality of the entire bathroom design. In addition to the gentle colour progressions, the material concept is characterised by diverse textures: sometimes rugged or grained, sometimes enticingly soft, or with a mirror-finish. Natural stones of different qualities encounter warm wood and soft velvet.

“/imagine” is the ideal stage for MEM’s basic aesthetic appeal. The classic fitting, created by Sieger Design, deliberately avoids extroverted design elements, where its flowing lines merge completely into the reduced ambience of the unusual space.

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