Digital support for skilled specialists: Dornbracht provides assembly instructions in video form

Iserlohn, 7 November 2022

Dornbracht now offers fitters assembly support by video on its YouTube channel. The films, which are aimed exclusively at skilled specialists, provide digital instructions alongside moving pictures, guiding the target group through the installation process of the respective fittings, step by step.

The company has already published close to 20 videos focusing on the installation and assembly of the new concealed products. One of the things clear is that the newly introduced xGrid track makes it possible to assemble ambitious bathroom solutions precisely, quickly, and easily. The range of moving-picture videos will continue to expand over the coming weeks and months, to provide even better support for skilled specialists during installation.

The film is always composed of three sections. In the first two parts, explanatory animation is used to show which components are included in the scope of supply and which tools are required. The third section is about the assembly. Marking out is followed by a demonstration of mounting the concealed fittings, and with professional instructions, attaching the pipe connections. The videos include all the dimensions and describe, among other things, the possible pipe diameters for each fitting. The fitters can then see how to meticulously seal them and apply the surface finish, such as tiles or plaster.

The installation videos each last around four minutes and show the phases of product assembly in an entertaining and comprehensive way – both in German and English. The individual tasks are saved for consultation in the video descriptions.

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