Dornbracht CL.1 in Dark Platinum matte:
Progressive design proves its versatility

Iserlohn, March 2021

The versatility of this characteristic Dornbracht design is especially evident when our custom finishes come into play as an additional design dimension. An example is how the shape of the CL.1 fitting appears more sculptural in the dark, semi-gloss finish Dark Platinum matte.

The trend towards dark, matte surfaces is also catching on in the bathroom, offering numerous ways to individualize and interpret shapes. When used on CL.1, the finish Chrome fuses industrial character with the luxurious, progressive design of the fitting.

Dornbracht CL1 Bathroom
Dornbracht CL1 Bathroom
Dornbracht CL1 Bathroom
Dornbracht CL1 Bathroom

CL.1 now in Dark Platinum matte
CL.1 in Dark Platinum matte gives the design a distinctly sculptural character. With its fine brushed look and semi-gloss finish, Dark Platinum matte has a noble and extraordinary feel.

Customizable with different handle types
In addition to the shape of the fitting and the selection of finishes available, different handle types give CL.1 yet another design dimension. Handles are available in one smooth and two textured variants, each having a distinctive look and feel. Dornbracht’s addition of these exceptional surface types further enhances your personal design freedom in the bathroom.

Another option is a flat, cylindrical handle shape that gives the CL.1 design a slightly more voluminous

Dornbracht CL.1: A unique spray type at the sink
A specially developed spray face rinses the hands in a particularly gentle manner with its 40 soft jets,
consuming water economically at a flow rate of only 3.9 liters per minute.

CL.1 is also available in the galvanized finishes Chrome and Platinum matte, and includes a wide range of fittings and accessories for sinks, showers, tubs and bidets.

Highest manufacturing quality
The velvety finish of Dark Platinum matte is achieved through a special matting process that Dornbracht has developed. Before the finish is applied, each part of the fitting is brushed individually, in some cases by hand, in a prespecified direction. This guarantees that the individual particles of the finish can settle down into the finest recesses of the brush strokes. This unique Dornbracht procedure, which requires the highest technological and craftsmanship know-how, preserves the texture of the surface and gives it its exceptional look.

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