The Château de Vignée at Villers-sur-Lesse: a romantic retreat in the woods, with bathroom solutions by Alape and Dornbracht

Goslar/Iserlohn, 22 August 2022

Once a traditional hunting lodge hotel, it is now a luxury retreat for guests seeking rest and repose in picturesque natural surroundings. The Belgian design studio WeWantMore has turned the Château de Vignée in the Ardennes into an aesthetically exciting boutique hotel. Alape bathroom solutions and Dornbracht fittings in the bathrooms, for which Sieger Design is responsible, are just one of its highlights.

The Château de Vignée is located in the Belgian Ardennes and is surrounded by open meadows and dense forests. Deeply rooted in the region, it acted as a meeting place for hunters for centuries. The former hunting lodge has now been transformed into a boutique hotel. The design team from WeWantMore has found a special way to reinterpret the rustic charm of a property that was built in 1658. The premises are rich in detail, their design now influenced as much by the austere beauty of surrounding nature as by their extravagant, 19th century inheritance. The selected materials, lighting concepts and colour schemes take much of their inspiration from the surrounding landscape – while playfully arranged stuffed animals evoke the Château’s history with a twinkle in the eye.

Along with extensively refurbished and restored rooms, the building boasts a bar and lounge, a high-class restaurant and a spa area. The spacious bathrooms in the junior suites are characterised by marble and whitewashed plaster walls. The undermount basins of the Alape Metaphor series fit seamlessly into the interior design. Their reduced, linear form creates an atmosphere of clarity and structure. Metaphor is complemented congenially by the Dornbracht classic Tara. The colour used for the fittings and basins is Black matt: the dark finish contrasting beautifully with the impressive graining of the marble. The geometric purity of the design mirror by Alape and the Assist floating shelf system complete the arrangement.

Anthracite coloured marble was the predominant influence in the bathrooms of the superior rooms. The counter-top basins on the washstands come from the Alape Unisono series. Glazed steel, with its non-porous and immaculate finish in a material that is only 3 mm thick, sets a highly ornamental and delicate tone here. The circular shape of the basin also harmonises stylishly with the equally round design mirror. The Black matt finishes of the Alape basins and Dornbracht’s classic Tara fitting exert a calming effect in combination with the subtle shade of the marble – and bring a sense of intimacy and elegance to the interior of the room.

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