AquamoonATT: a multi-sensory shower experience for that unique moment of bliss

The essentials at a glance:

The new product: AquamoonATT – a multi-sensory water experience for bathroom and spa The special feature: Signature Treatments – automatic choreographies of water, flow modes, light and fragrance – for that individual moment of bliss

Product design and creative direction for AquamoonATT: Michael Neumayr

Creative direction for LifeSpa: Mike Meiré / Available for delivery: second half of 2019

Attention US media: Aquamoon and AquamoonATT are not available in the United States of America.

AquamoonATT Dornbracht
Dornbracht Aquamoon
Dornbracht Aquamoon

Iserlohn, March 2019
An emotional water experience that touches all the senses with unique Signature Treatments. AquamoonATT combines aesthetic architecture and minimalist design with innovative, next-dimension ease of use. Just tap the touch-screen to experience unique choreographies of water, flow modes, mood lighting and fragrance. The reduced form of Aquamoon fits seamlessly and almost imperceptibly into the bathroom architecture. The result is a sensory spatial experience that temporarily excludes the outside world – for that unique moment of bliss.

AquamoonATT is a response to the pursuit of a holistic approach to health and well-being
AquamoonATT raises the “healthness” idea from the LifeSpa concept to the next level. The effect water has on your body is enhanced by mental participation. Andreas Dornbracht, Managing Partner at Dornbracht: “AquamoonATT is our response to the increasing desire for balance and life-force energy. Because we live in an age when speed is everything, in a time of digital transformation and upheaval, people are increasingly pressurised in their daily life. With this in mind, it is increasingly important to maintain personal good health – both physically and mentally. The bathroom gives us the space to develop a personal health strategy.”

And designer Michael Neumayr is convinced: “We need personal safe havens, where we can experience moments of happiness. The harmonious interplay of water, mood lighting and fragrance creates this feeling of happiness, that moment of bliss when sensations such as relaxation, revitalisation and security are perceived by the senses.”

Soothe, Nurture and Empower: the Signature Treatments of AquamoonATT

AquamoonATT has four flow modes: “Aqua Circle” and “Tempest” convey the sense of natural rainfall; “Queen’s Collar” recreates an authentic waterfall experience; and the fourth flow mode, the “Embrace” option, covers your entire body in water – only your head stays clear so that you can breathe. The four flow modes are combined with light and fragrance to make unique choreographies – the so-called Signature Treatments.

The Signature Treatments of AquamoonATT at a glance:

Soothe: In this choreography, full, soft drops of water rain over your body like a tropical downpour and soothe your mind. Intense blue and violet light evokes the atmosphere of a clear morning sky, combined with the sensuous fragrance of Mediterranean citrus blossom. The warmth of the water transforms your body to a therapeutic, almost meditative state.
Flow modes: Tempest and Aqua Circle.

Nurture: A curtain of water droplets envelops your body, accompanied by the calming blue of the ocean and the powerful green of the rainforest. It opens and closes to the rhythm of your breathing, falling alternately in a gentle cone that massages your shoulders or intensifying to a concentrated stream of water. Your body and mind emerge strengthened and filled with a deep sense of well-being.
Flow modes: Tempest, Aqua Circle and Queen’s Collar.

Empower: Bathed in vibrant orange and violet light, your body is stimulated by the varying strength and temperature of the water droplets. Stimulating changes in temperature activate your senses to the accompaniment of the spicy scents of mandarin and rosewood, as a clear, cold covering of water is combined with a warming cascade over the neck and a refreshingly cool stream of water and a warm cascade pour over your body.

Flow modes: Tempest, Aqua Circle, Queen’s Collar and Embrace (option).

Minimalist architecture for an all-embracing spatial experience

The central element of AquamoonATT is a dome set into the ceiling, fitting virtually unseen into the bathroom or spa architecture. Looking up reveals an extraordinary effect of depth. A hidden light strip inside the the hemisphere creates a soft light that is inspired by the effect of moonlight and evokes a sense of infinity. The innovation has already received two prestigious design awards: Aquamoon recently won the Good Design Award and the Best of the Year Award from the American magazine Interior Design.

Smart technology for added value

AquamoonATT has an open IP-based interface that allows it to network with other digital systems. The shower experience can therefore be enhanced with even more added value, such as by integrating your own favourite music, or by harmoniously adapting the ambient light.

There are more benefits to be had with the Dornbracht Smart Water app. For example, it can be used to call up additional Signature Treatments, which can easily be activated from the app or downloaded directly to Smart Tools.

AquamoonATT is based on the in-house Dornbracht development, Ambiance Tuning Technique, or ATT for short. Intuitively controlled by digital Smart Tools, it allows you to call up fully-automatic light
and water choreographies.

About Dornbracht LifeSpa

Dornbracht LifeSpa demonstrates a variety of ways to integrate health-enhancing water applications into the bathroom or spa.

Health: With LifeSpa, Dornbracht collaborates with experts to provide enlightenment and inspiration for your individual health strategy. Treatments such as affusions, contrast showers, relaxing baths or water massages augment an individual’s personal health strategy and in the long term, make a relevant contribution to improving well-being and boosting life-force energy.

Solutions: The product solutions of Dornbracht LifeSpa are each tailored to individual needs.
Specific water applications can be easily and quickly integrated into a personal daily routine.

Architecture: Dornbracht offers spa planning advice and helps customers to shape a wellness area that meets their individual needs and integrates perfectly into the bathroom.

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