Bliss, Kneipp, and Aquapressure: Dornbracht relies on the positive impact of water

Iserlohn, 25 June 2024

The application of water based on holistic principles provides mental and physical balance, and increases well-being and life-force energy. For Dornbracht, the regenerative power of water is crucial: For decades, the fittings manufacturer has drawn on the knowledge from wellness and health research to integrate the benefits of hydrotherapy into its own product world – thus creating meditative and invigorating moments of happiness in everyday life.

Bliss: a safe haven in stressful, everyday life
We live in an age shaped by constant change and increasing complexity. Even more reason for the need of a safe haven that promises relaxation and a feeling of security in stressful everyday life. The bathroom can be just the retreat: The targeted application of water makes it possible to create moments of peace and happiness in this space.

Dornbracht has developed numerous spa applications to make it easier to enjoy such special moments of bliss. The Iserlohn-based manufacturer collaborates closely with leading figures from well-being research, Kneipp therapy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Insights from these collaborations continually influences product research and development.

Kneipp therapy: Healing with water
Kneipp therapy is one of the methods that Dornbracht draws on. It is about activating the body’s natural healing powers and improving self-contentment at a physical, spiritual, and emotional level. “Kneipp has a positive effect on our physical and mental well-being”, says Jochen Reisberger, a Kneipp expert who runs a therapeutic practice. He works together with Dornbracht to transform the principles of treatment into different product solutions.

Hydrotherapy plays a key role: Alternating applications of hot and cold water can stimulate blood circulation, boost the metabolism, and strengthen the immune system. Warm affusions on the neck and back area, for example, are an effective way to ease tense muscles, while cold affusions can help to relieve inflammations or venous disorders. The Dornbracht range includes various spa applications that make this possible. The affusion pipe and the Water Tube, for example, work with a laminar flow, its crystal-clear flow pattern covering the skin like a blanket of water.

Aquapressure: a combination of acupressure and massage
Aquapressure is a form of water massage: It combines acupressure and massage with water, encouraging the regeneration of body, mind, and soul. Dornbracht developed the method with Dr. Christoph Stumpe, who runs the famous Shen Men Institute in Düsseldorf. Aquapressure ties in with the tried and tested principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – Yin and Yang, or the Chi life-force energy flowing through the body. In Aquapressure, the water exerts pressure on the meridians and acupressure points, which can release blockages and tension.

“The medium of water is particularly interesting in this connection, because it can reflect the fundamental action parameters in Chinese Medicine – pressure intensity, localisation, duration and temperature – all at the same time”, explains Stumpe. Among the Dornbracht modules making the healing effect of Aquapressure perceptible is the Water Fan massage nozzle, that massages the entire back. The powerful jets of the Water Curve, on the other hand, have a profound effect on the neck and shoulder muscles.

”Follow Your Bliss” with Aquahalo and Serenity Sky
Dornbracht’s innovative new shower products also demonstrate the pleasant, revitalising power of water. The Serenity Sky rain panel combines different action principles and consolidates the discoveries of well-being research, Kneipp therapy, and Aquapressure in a single product. Aquahalo also has effective flow modes. Under the motto “Follow Your Bliss”, both experience showers are an open invitation to make effective water experiences an integral part of personal hygiene rituals.

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